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Harris Skibell, (el presidente, composer, sound designer), born n' bred in Dallas, Texas, is a composer and digital designer.

As a composer his concert music has been heard internationally at such venues as Roulette, New Music America, the Whitney Museum, CBGB Gallery 313, Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Public Radio, Danish National Radio and the Australian Broadcasting Service.

He has created a number of works using direct digital synthesis on computer music systems, as a composer in residence at the Columbia University Computer Music Studios, The Center for Computer Music at Brooklyn College. Works of this genre include: Exchange, written for violinist Rolf Schulte, for violin and the sounds of the American and New York Stock Exchanges, Watunna: The Telling an adaption of creation myths of the Makiritari culture by poet and anthropologist Susan Lepselter, set to sounds of New York CIty. Both works were commissions of New American Radio, for broadcast on the National Public Radio system. The Telling received additional support from The New York State Council on the Arts.

As a commercial composer/sound designer, he has worked in New York and Los Angeles for tomandandy, and with Elias Associates and Billous/Dibucci Music for brands such as Loreal, JC Penney, CIT, Touchstone Pictures and MCI.

Additionally, he has extensive professional experience in visual, interface and information design. As a development manager for the entertainment database and retail information system company, Muze, he directed CD-ROM, database, public kiosk interface design, and web projects. [ more >> ]
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